Sunday, 19 February 2012

Aquatic Ape Hypothesis-Radio 4-David Attenborough


Delphyne said...

What a fabulous article - I'm going to reread it and watch the video. Also going to look into your book.

Marc Verhaegen said...

Humans didn’t descend from aquatic apes, of course, although our Pleistocene ancestors were too slow & heavy for regular running over open plains as some anthropologists still believe.
Instead, Homo populations during the Ice Ages (with sea-levels often 100 m lower than today) simply followed the coasts & rivers in Africa & Eurasia, eg, 800,000 years ago, they even reached Flores more than 18 km overseas.
- google “econiche Homo”
- eBook “Was Man more aquatic in the past?” introd.Phillip Tobias
- guest post at Greg Laden’s blog
- Human Evolution confer.London 8–10.5.13 with David Attenborough, Don Johanson etc.

persepolisse said...

I think agriculture did favor the valuing of women. Men eventually just got tired of the dominance of women and there was a backlash against women in the places where they were the most dominant. Most prominently in the middle East with the rise of the monotheistic religions.